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About Me

Hi! I’m Mitchell, a full-time traveller, blogger, and now, sim card enthusiast. I’ve spent my entire life travelling on-and-off until my wife and I quit our jobs in 2019 to explore the world indefinitely. COVID forced us to return but we’re thankfully back on the road today.

Since leaving New Zealand, we’ve visited over 40 countries and hundreds, if not thousands, of different and amazing places. 

We’ve travelled on all sorts of budgets and at various paces, but due to the high-cost nature of travelling, most of our time has been spent backpacking which has lent us a very frugal mindset. This mindset, combined with a need to stay connected, is what led me down the rabbit hole of sim cards, eSims and mobile networks. 

At this point, I’ve spent years visiting different countries and the stores of all their mobile network operators. I’ve personally tested sim cards all over the world and I’ve researched the most cost-efficient options every single time. On top of this, I am still travelling and plan to continue building my collection of sim cards – at least until the day comes that eSims completely take over.

What is Travel Sim Expert?

Throughout my travels I quickly realised the challenge of choosing, acquiring and purchasing sim cards. Most countries require a separate sim card and being on a strict budget meant that choosing the right one would save us hundreds of dollars every year. Choosing the wrong one could leave us stranded without internet at the worst times possible.

To make things worse, a lot of operators were vague with their tourist offerings, or worse, straight up rip-offs. For years, the information available online has been unreliable and out of date.

I founded Travel Sim Expert with the goal of solving this problem. By combining statistical techniques, publically available data and surveys with personal, first-hand and second-hand reported experiences I am aiming to answer the question of what sim card or eSim you should get when you visit anywhere in the world.

About Delilah

My wife, Delilah, is also a full-time traveller and blogger who is exploring the world with me. Her support and expertise in the field of travel is an invaluable asset for Travel Sim Expert and it wouldn’t exist without her.

Contact Me

Do you have a question or a business enquiry? Please get in touch, I’d love to hear from you!